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Simoonga Village | Zambia

Shine Foundation founder Susie Domb collaborated with the leaders of Simoonga village in Zambia to donate clothing and food, purchased from local stores, to the children living in poverty.

 Recent Activities

In addition to our work with our Showroom, The Shine Foundation also supports complementary causes around the world through donations of brand-new goods 


The Shine Foundation team collaborated with Toys for Hospitalized Children to donate brand-new toys for children in local hospitals. While the kids received their gifts with glee, the mothers were gifted Starbucks gift cards to take a self-care moment themselves!


The Shine Foundation team collaborated again with Toys for Hospitalized Children to donate clothing and accessories to Ukrainian mothers and children seeking refuge in Poland. 


“The Shine Foundation helped us curate a great selection of clothes and accessories which we distributed to the refugees we visited. One mom, in particular, thanked us with tears in her eyes as she shared her tale of escaping the war and asked us to pray for her husband on the front lines.


The clothes brought much-needed comfort and love to young children and mothers going through the most difficult time imaginable.”


-Neil Kupferman, Toys for Hospitalized Children

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